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Patio Door Features & Benefits

Patio doors in Basingstoke are a superb option if you’re looking to improve the light and space throughout your home.

The uPVC patio door will capture all available natural light, creating a sense of wide and bright open spaces.

Also acting as a seamless entrance to your garden, the sliding patio door means you can open your doors without compromising on space. This makes them a great choice for balconies.

These versatile uPVC back doors have an extremely robust system which is built to withstand everyday use.

The secure and durable sliding doors provide a smooth opening action, giving you instant access to the outside.

This is why a patio door is perfect for today’s contemporary Basingstoke home.


Patio door security has never been better thanks to advanced multi-point locking systems and additional security upgrades offered by your installer. You can even have your patio doors internally glazed for further enhance the security of your home.

All patio doors come with low level threshold options with additional ramps. These options are ideal for wheelchair users because they can accommodate a variety of wheelchair widths.

Practical and attractive, patio doors are extremely versatile. Their sliding action means they occupy less internal space when compared to hinged doors and look great in the process, thanks to their contemporary glass panes.

You can improve the energy efficiency of your home with a set of uPVC patio doors. Designed to reduce heat loss through double glazing and modern uPVC profile, they will help you reduce your carbon footprint for a home that is better for the environment.

For beautiful glass patio doors in Basingstoke, choose uPVC sliding patio doors. Impressive wall to ceiling glass panes give you unobstructed views of the outside, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of your garden from the comfort of your home.

uPVC Patio Door Prices (2 Panel)


Patio Doors Size Colour Guide Price
1500mm x 2100mm White £975 – £1075
1500mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1225 – £1375
1800mm x 2100mm White £1000 – £1100
1800mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1250 – £1400
2000mm x 2100mm White £1050 – £1150
2000mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1300 – £1150


Patio Door Cost (1 Panel)


Patio Doors Size Size Colour Guide Price
2100mm x 2100mm White £1375 – £1525
2100mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1800 – £2000
2500mm x 2100mm White £1450 – £1600
2500mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1875 – £2075
3000mm x 2100mm White £1550 – £1700
3000mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2000 – £2200

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